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MEP Engineering

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Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

Often known as the Facilities and Maintenance Staffs’ best friend. Our MEP designs draw from decades of both actual installation experience and technical engineering analysis experience. This unique experience specially positions HCE to develop practical, long lasting, efficient, maintenance friendly designs that you will appreciate for years to come. We realize that nothing lasts forever. Our designs will help you prepare for the future. We help you choose the system for you.


DX Systems
Rooftop Systems
Split Systems
VRF Systems
Rooftop VAV Systems
Chilled Water Systems
Ground Source Heat Pumps
Dedicated Outside Air
Smoke Evacuation Exhaust Systems
Lab / Kitchen Exhaust Systems


Forward Thinking Lighting and Power Designs
Site Power Distribution
Building Power Distribution
Surge / Lightning Protection
Computer Modeled Lighting Design
Lighting Control Design
Fire Alarm
Intercom – Public Address Systems
Emergency Power Systems


Waste Water Systems
Acid Waste Systems
Acid Neutralization Tanks
Grease Interceptors
Domestic Water Systems
Product Specification

Firm Experience

Energy Modeling

HVAC System Design

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Plumbing Design

Sanitary Design

Lighting Design

Photometric Analysis

Storm/Rainleader Systems


Power Distribution Systems

Control Systems

Site Investigation

Construction Administration

Compressed Air Piping

Thermal Imaging

System Monitoring

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