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About Us

Hendrix Consulting Engineers (HCE) is a Consulting Engineering firm that provides mechanical electrical and plumbing design and engineering services, commissioning building systems, and field investigation of current facilities. HCE is currently registered in the State of Texas.


Hendrix & Myers was founded in 1982 and took its current form as HCE in 1995 and is located in the heart of  Downtown Round Rock on Main Street. With more than 150 combined years of engineering and field experience, HCE is uniquely positioned to be your local, go-to engineer.

But why HCE?  Because we are YOUR “Easy Button”!


Our current design staff has completed over 2000 projects. Not just projects under the firm name, our current staff!! How’s that for Experience? Our staff has a consistent track record of delivering big, small, fast, complicated projects, over and over. This is what we do.

Common Sense Solutions That Fit You

It’s not uncommon for owners to be overwhelmed with size, scope, budget, complexity of some MEP projects. We review all aspects of a project, including the ability of the current maintenance staff. Then we design a solution that fits you and your staff. Making complicated problems seem to have easy solutions.

Consistency of Performance

Are you in charge of a large Bond with several projects, or a large development with multiple phases and moving parts? Are you concerned about having new buildings that just seem like headaches? Do you answer to a School Board, Community Group, Public Opinion, Shareholders or just a demanding CEO? We have you covered. This is what we do.

Engineers That Speak Your Language

HCE believes that communication is one of the most important ingredients to successful projects. Hey we get it! Sometimes Engineers seem like dry, know-it-alls that can’t communicate with the rest of the human race and should be left in the basement with a Red Stapler. Ever had an Engineer ruin a meeting being right, at the expense of moving the project forward. At HCE we meet you where you are. We don’t use fancy talk, double talk, or words that nobody ever needs to hear. However, we do speak many languages. We speak Owner, Architect, Contractor, City Code Reviewer, Fire Marshall, as well as Engineer. From our vast experience we make the seemingly hard things easy when it comes finding solutions for your next MEP Engineering Opportunity.

Team Approach

We approach every job like it’s a big team. Owner, Architect, Engineers, Contractors, Utility Company, Code Reviewers. We want your project to be successful probably more than you do. It is how we keep our doors open and continue to have repeat clients and contractors that continually chase our work. We build professional relationships with the rest of the team and the local authorities to ensure your project gets done…and done right! Then we do it again!

Listen to Your Goals

We listen, then ask questions, listen again, then repeat a couple of times. Then magically we find out what your goals are. Then we make your goals our goals. Sometimes we revisit this topic during the project just to make sure the goals are still the same. Budget, Energy Efficiency, First Time Cost, Operating Cost, Maintenance Access, Humidity Concerns, ALL THE ABOVE. We got you!

Sustainability and High Performance

We are always pushing the envelope for best performance and being environmentally friendly with our designs. Always have, always will! We just call it the “Right Way”. We have several schools operating below $1/sqft/year for gas and electric combined. Good Design, Good Commissioning, and Good Owners are a winning combination.

Cost and Value

A good problem solver is always the least expensive person you hire. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems are the primary energy users in your building. They react to weather and owner usage. The money we save you in upfront construction cost and long-term utility savings makes HCE seem almost “FREE”.

Friendly and Fun

Most of our business is repeat business. We like to think it’s because we are Friendly and Fun. It could be the topics covered above, but I’m sticking with Friendly and Fun. Want an Engineering Firm that will be with you for the long haul and have you looking forward to the next project? You found it in HCE.

Firm Experience

Hendrix Consulting Engineers has spent the last few decades becoming the “go-to” MEP Engineering Firm for Schools, Counties, Cities, Developers, and Clients who need experienced, consistent, common sense, energy efficient Engineering and Commissioning Solutions that provide great value. Want to know more? Feel free to have a look around.

Energy Modeling

HVAC System Design

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Plumbing Design

Sanitary Design

Lighting Design

Photometric Analysis

Storm/Rainleader Systems


Power Distribution Systems

Control Systems

Site Investigation

Construction Administration

Compressed Air Piping

Thermal Imaging

System Monitoring

Engineering the Buildings of Tomorrow, Today. This Is What We Do.