Firm GREEN Experience In:

  • Energy Modeling

  • Commissioning

  • Photometric Lighting Analysis

  • Employs LEED AP's

  • Energy Auditing

  • Life Cycle Costing

  • Green MEP Design

  • Out of the Box Thinking

HCE Certifications:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Certified Building Commissioners
  • Certified Commercial Building
    Energy Auditors
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HCE always designs MEP systems with the several things in mind.  Lifecycle
Cost, Total Cost, Maintenance Cost, Energy efficiency, Architectural and
Owner driven goals.  We routinely evaluate materials and equipment  to see if
up front cost is justified in the long term energy efficiency and durability of the
building.  That’s really what it’s all about. We not only call that GREEN we call
it GOOD design.  Below are some recent projects where our clients goals
were to achieve  a Austin Green Building/LEED certification.  

Part of Green Building Process is Commissioning during Design and
Construction.  HCE can commission project design by any engineer as part of
the design team as well as Construction Commissioning.  Some of the tools
used by HCE for commissioning projects: infrared camera, air flow hood,
temperature and humidity sensors, building air pressure sensor, data loggers
that record temperature, humidity, amperage and on/off cylces over time for
documentation of how the MEP systems and the building responds to varying

HCE assists MEP Contractors in integrating their work by specifying specific
Contractor Commissioning processes to be completed in the Construction
Phase, including coordination meetings between all trades involved with
installation and operation of MEP equipment.  Contractor commissioning
forms are used to document the integration process.  Projects that are to
have a certified commissioning process will have more extensive
documentation and testing of MEP equipment.

HCE always has Green concepts  incorporated into their design, it just been
in recent years there have been certifications to recognize our efforts.

Additional Project information coming soon.
Recent GREEN Projects:

Chandler Oak Elementary -
Round Rock ISD
84,500 sqft
LEED Silver
Completed 2009

Encino Trace Office Bldg
166,000 sqft
Austin Green Bldg
Designed/awaiting construction

City of Austin Public Safety
Training Facility
53,250 sqft
LEED 3.0 Silver
Completed 2010

Airborn Manufacturing Facility
60,000 sqft
LEED Certified
Completed 2010

American Youth Works
34,000 sqft

Shoe Pavilion
20,250 sqft
Austin Green Building
Completed 2008