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Commissioning is often thrown around on construction projects these days. Many use this term but do not really have an
understanding of what it means or what is involved. HCE has been involved with commissioning for many years. HCE has
provided commissioning services on many types of facilities with a wide varieties of scope. HCE knows that commissioning
is valuable, but budgets can be tight. Talk with us about the scope of commissioning that is right for you.

Comprehensive Building Commissioning is a process which includes site observations, verification, documentation, baseline
sampling, monitoring, clearance testing of the building envelope, checking building interiors, and evaluation of the
mechanical and control systems.  Comprehensive commissioning provides many benefits to the building owner, occupants,
design professionals, and contractors.  The commissioning process by its very nature provides a better understanding of
the building’s envelope, systems operations, and intent of the design documents.  Understanding the design intent and
purpose of specific water and moisture control strategies and on-site verification of the installations will provide an overall
better project that minimizes the negative impacts of water and moisture intrusion.  Commissioning of the building
mechanical HVAC systems ensures that systems are run-tested through heating, cooling and dehumidification modes to
ensure all sequences are functioning properly.  Monitoring of space temperature, humidity and equipment can help identify
potential problems that can be easily remedied. Control system temperature/humidity sensors are also verified to ensure
proper sensor calibration.  This will minimize false readings and unnecessary operation of mechanical systems, thus
allowing the systems to operate more efficiently.  
Ductwork is one of the major components of
the mechanical system and its condition
during and at the end of construction is a
key element to maintaining a healthy
building.  As part of the commissioning
process, ductwork systems are periodically
checked for proper protection during
installation and selectively inspected at
project completion through strategically
placed access doors.  During the
commissioning process, duct systems that
require attention are identified and cleaned
to ensure systems are in good condition
when the project is completed.
Commissioning of a duct system during
construction is a positive step to maintaining
a clean interior.
The roofing system collects and
provides a pathway for rain water to be
safely directed off the building to
surface drainage or collected in a
storm sewer.  In order to avoid water
intrusion problems from the roof,
proper flashing and water shed
procedures must be followed and
maintained. During the commissioning
process, the roof flashing components
and installation procedures are
checked to ensure project installation
details are followed.
many different components which
comprise the building envelope system
in order to assure proper shedding of
moisture from the wall and structure to
the exterior.  A majority of building
envelope problems occur due to
unwanted penetrations in the air and
vapor barriers and improper installation
of wall and window flashings.
The building envelope can be architecturally pleasing and at
the same time functional as an air and moisture barrier.  Water
in vapor or liquid form is a destructive force, which can
deteriorate building components and cause extensive damage
if not managed properly.  Even when buildings are designed
properly, problems can occur if the installation of components is
not monitored closely during construction. Part of the
commissioning process is to monitor the installation of the
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